Primer design program

his program is designed to make the primer design of Enzynomics' EZ-FusionTM Cloning Kit and EZchangeTM Site-directed Mutagenesis Kit easier.
The primer provided by this program is for general cloning and mutagenesis only. In special cases, contact the main office directly for further assistance.

(Technical support: 042-719-1023(내선 2번) ,

  • The EZ-FusionTM Cloning Kit is designed to allow researchers to clone an amplified piece of DNA with PCR quickly and easily to any cloning vector. One or several DNA can be inserted in a cloning vector in a certain direction, and very long DNA can be cloned effectively.

  • The EZchangeTM Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit is a product that can make certain mutations of any plasmid and has the advantage of no further subcloning after mutation success. It does not require specific vectors, nor does it require specific restriction enzyme sites, making it simple and convenient to mutate.

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