Enzynomics provides a variety of products that can be used for cloning and mutation experiments.



The TOPcloner™ PCR Cloning Kit is designed to clone the insert DNA fragment generated by PCR directly into the pTOP Vector without ligase treatment. It can minimize self-ligation and clone quickly in 5 minutes with high efficiency



The EZ-Fusion™ HT Cloning Kit is a quick and easy way to replicate PCR-amplified DNA fragments to all cloning vectors. EZ-Fusion™ recognizes the 18-nt complement sequence of the PCR product and the linearized vector DNA ends and combines them efficiently and precisely.



EZchange™ site-directed mutagenesis kit can theoretically perform specific mutagenesis of all plasmids. It does not require specific vector and restriction enzyme sites, and can easily do mutagenesis. EZchange™ Site-directed Mutagenesis Kit can be used with small amounts of plasmid and can be used for high mutation efficiency.
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