EZ™ Agarose Tablet

Product Name Cat. No. Size Conc.
EZ™ Agarose Tablet EOA001S 108 tablets 1 X
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EZ™ Agarose Tablet

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제조사 EOA001S
원산지 108 tablets
브랜드 1 X
판매가격 55,000원
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  • EZ™ Agarose Tablet

Product description

A single EZ™ Agarose Tablet contains a pre-weighed amount (0.5 g) of high-quality agarose. This product is cleaner, safer, less messy, and more convenient to use than the conventional powder products because the cumbersome weighing step is no longer required. Add an appropriate number of EZ™ Agarose Tablet to the buffer (see Table 1 below to determine the volume of buffer), leave the solution at room temperature for 3~5 minutes, and agitate gently the container. Heat the solution, and prepare the gel.



- DNase/RNase-free

- Fast and convenient

- No weighing required

- High clarity and low background

- Greater gel-to-gel consistency

- Feasible for gel concentration as low as 0.5%

- Safer and cleaner to use than conventional agarose powder



- DNA/RNA Electrophoresis

- Ideal for separating nucleic acids of a wide range of sizes



- Gelling Temperature: 36.8°C

- Melting Temperature: 87.9°C

- Moisture Content: 5.07%

- Sulfate Content: 0.097%

- EEO: 0.12

- Gel Strength (1% Gel): 1.365 g/cm2

- Size: 0.5g x 108


Storage Conditions

Cool, dry place (The agarose tablet works fine as long as it does not get wet.) 


Table 1. Approximate volumes of buffer for a given number of Tablets to achieve the desired gel strength (%).

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