EZ™ Genomic DNA Prep Kit (from cultured cells)

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EZ™ Genomic DNA Prep Kit EP401-50N 50 prep -
EZ™ Genomic DNA Prep Kit EP401-250N 250 prep -
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EZ™ Genomic DNA Prep Kit

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제조사 EP401-50N
원산지 50 prep
브랜드 -
판매가격 99,000원
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  • EZ™ Genomic DNA Prep Kit
Product description

EZ ™ Genomic DNA Prep Kit is a product which can extract high-purity genomic DNA from samples using silica membrane column and lysis buffer containing a strong chaotropic salt. While improving lysis efficiency by Proteinase K reaction, it can minimize RNA contamination via the following RNase A reaction for obtaining gDNA of high concentration and purity. With its quick protocol, it is possible to execute purification fast and easily within 20~30 minutes. The extracted genomic DNA has the A260 / 280 ratio of 1.9 ± 0.2 at the absorbance of 260 nm and can be promptly used for various experiments such as PCR.


- gDNA columns (Green ring) (with collection tube)

- 2ml collection tube

- Buffer GLB

- Buffer GWB1 (concentrate)*

- Buffer GWB2 (concentrate)*

- Buffer GE

- Proteinase K

- RNase A

Storage condition

Stored at room temperature (15–25℃)

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