EZ™ Total RNA Miniprep Kit (from cultured cells)

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EZ™ Total RNA Miniprep Kit EP301-50N 50 prep -
EZ™ Total RNA Miniprep Kit EP301-250N 250 prep -
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EZ™ Total RNA Miniprep Kit

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제조사 EP301-50N
원산지 50 prep
브랜드 -
판매가격 195,000원
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  • EZ™ Total RNA Miniprep Kit
Product description

EZ™ Total RNA Miniprep Kit is capable of RNA isolation from samples without using organic solvent such as Phenol/Chloroform. In addition, genomic DNA can be effectively removed via silica column and DNase I. As a two-column type binding of genomic DNA-free solution to RNA-exclusive silica column, this product can isolate high-purity RNA within 30 minutes. Isolated total RNA can be instantly used in various tests including RCR.  



1. RNA Purity

EZ™ Total RNA Miniprep Kit is capable of purifying high-quality RNA from various samples. The effective removal of genomic DNA affecting RNA purity and the following high-quality RNA isolation can be achieved via a silica column exclusive for removing genomic DNA and a relatively short DNase I reaction in on-column state. The quality of isolated total RNA can be confirmed via A260/280 ratio, which is generally over 1.8. 


2. RNA Yield

The yield of total RNA purified by EZ™ Total RNA Miniprep Kit is comparable to the results from leading market products. With the convenience and stable reproductivity of EZ™ Total RNA Miniprep Kit, stable yield is guaranteed in repetitive tests. 


3. Fast Experiment Method 

EZ™ Total RNA Miniprep Kit executes the effective genomic DNA removal step to purify high-quality RNA from various samples within 30 minutes. 


Figure 1. Comparison of yield and purity of RNA prep kit


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