EZ-Pure™ Plasmid Prep Kit. Ver. 2

Product Name Cat. No. Size Conc.
EZ-Pure™ Plasmid Prep Kit. Ver. 2 EP101-50N 50 prep -
EZ-Pure™ Plasmid Prep Kit. Ver. 2 EP101-200N 200 prep -
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EZ-Pure™ Plasmid Prep Kit. Ver. 2

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제조사 EP101-50N
원산지 50 prep
브랜드 -
판매가격 60,000원
배송비결제 주문시 결제
  • EZ-Pure™ Plasmid Prep Kit. Ver. 2

Product description

EZ-Pure™ Plasmid Prep provides a rapid, simple and efficient method for plasmid minipreparation and routine molecular biology applications. The kit procedure is relied on alkaline lysis method followed by the process of binding plasmid DNA on a glass filter membrane. After alkaline treatment and centrifugation, the plasmid DNA is remained in the supernatant, whereas the bacterial chromosome, proteins, and other cell debris have been precipitated. The supernatant is subsequently passed through the filter membrane where plasmid DNA is bound selectively. The bound plasmid DNA is then washed and eluted by adding low salt buffers. The resulting isolated plasmid DNA can be used immediately in a variety of additional down-stream applications.

Product Qualification

EZ-Pure™ Plasmid Prep Kit ver.2 is manufactured in a strictly clean condition, and its degree of cleanness is monitored periodically. For quality control, performance of restriction enzyme digestion, PCR amplification, and spectrophotometric analysis are enough.



EZ-Pure™ plasmid prep Kit ver.2 component should be stored at room temperature (15–25). RNase A should be stored at 4 for maximum performance. All components are guaranteed to be stable for 1 year.

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