EZ-seq™ Nano DNA Library Prep Kit (Index B)

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EZ-seq™ Nano DNA Library Prep Kit (Index B) EZ034B 24 rxn -
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EZ-seq™ Nano DNA Library Prep Kit (Index B)

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제조사 EZ034B
원산지 24 rxn
브랜드 -
판매가격 900,000원
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  • EZ-seq™ Nano DNA Library Prep Kit (Index B)
Product description
EZ-Seq™ Nano DNA Library Prep Kit is all-in-one kit for the preparation of a library of DNA samples for next-generation sequencing, optimized for whole-genome resequencing using insert DNA ranging from 350 bp and 550 bp. This product is composed of two kits, A and B, according to the index type and can be used for 24 samples each. By providing the master-mix type enzyme, product configuration is simplified and efficiency is improved. The magnetic beads included in the kit enables the size selection and purification of DNA in the process of amplification of DNA fragments ligated with index adaptors in their both ends. Single-read or paired-end sequencing can be performed with the prepared library.

- NGS library preparation kit (for illumina sequencing system)​

Llibrary kit for NGS analysis of human genome, mammalian genome, large or complex genome, microbial genome 

- End Repair Mix
- dA-Tailing Mix
- Adaptor Ligation Mix
- Stop Ligation Buffer
- PCR Primer Cocktail
- Enhanced PCR Mix
- DNA Adaptor Index (12 Indexes)
- Resuspension Buffer
- EZ-Pure™ SPRI Bead Mix

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