EZ™ dA-Tailing Module

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EZ™ dA-Tailing Module EZ032S 20 rxn -
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EZ™ dA-Tailing Module

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제조사 EZ032L
원산지 100 rxn
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판매가격 472,000원
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  • EZ™ dA-Tailing Module

Product description

EZ™ dA-Tailing Module is used to add a non-templated dAMP on the 3’ end of a blunt DNA fragment. Incorporated 3’-dA prevents concatamer formation during subsequent ligation of adaptors or cloning vectors with complementary dT overhangs. This kit has been optimized to prepare compatible overhangs for next generation sequencing.






Master mix type for dA-tailing in DNA sample preparation workflows.



- DNA sample preparation

- dA-Tailing of 1-5 μg fragmented DNA 


Figure 1. dA-tailing of repaired blunt end DNA 

Reaction mixtures with 100 pmol of repaired blunt end DNA substrates were incubated with EZTM dA-Tailing Module for 30 min at 37. For the assessment of dA-Tailing reaction efficiency, self ligation reaction was performed with 20 pmol of dA-tailed DNA. Reaction products were analyzed on 10% native PAGE.

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