EZ™ DNA End Repair Module

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EZ™ DNA End Repair Module EZ028S 20 rxn -
EZ™ DNA End Repair Module EZ028L 100 rxn -
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EZ™ DNA End Repair Module

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제조사 EZ028S
원산지 20 rxn
브랜드 -
판매가격 100,000원
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  • EZ™ DNA End Repair Module

Product description

EZ™ DNA End Repair Module is used to repair the end of fragmented DNA. This kit convert DNA with damaged 5’ protruding or 3’ protruding ends to blunt ended DNA having 5´-phosphates and 3´-hydroxyl. These products are generated by using the 5'→3' polymerase and the 3'→5' exonuclease activities of T4 DNA Polymerase. T4 DNA Polynucleotide Kinase and ATP are also included in the kit for phosphorylation of the 5'-ends of the blunt-ended DNA for subsequent ligation to next-generation sequencing adaptors or other cloning vectors.



DNA repaired by DNA End Repair enzyme mix can be subsequently converted to DNA having 3´ dA-tails with the dA-tailing Module or used directly for blunt end cloning or blunt ended adaptor ligation.



- DNA sample preparation

- End repair of 1-5 μg fragmented DNA 



Figure 1. End repair of DNA ends with 3’, 5’ overhangs 

Oligoduplex with 3’, 5’ overhangs and non-phosphorylated DNA were repaired using EZ™ DNA END Repair Module. (A) Reaction products were analyzed on 15% native PAGE (B) and on 15% denaturing PAGE. 

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