TOPreal™ One-step RT qPCR kit (TaqMan Probe)

Product Name Cat. No. Size Conc.
TOPreal™ One-step RT qPCR kit (TaqMan Probe) RT430S 100 rxn 4 X
TOPreal™ One-step RT qPCR kit (TaqMan Probe) RT430M 500 rxn 4 X
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TOPreal™ One-step RT qPCR kit (TaqMan Probe)

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제조사 RT430S
원산지 100 rxn
브랜드 4 X
판매가격 130,000원
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  • TOPreal™ One-step RT qPCR kit (TaqMan Probe)

Product description

TOPreal™ One-step RT qPCR Kit (TaqMan Probe) is designed for one-step RT qPCR using TaqMan probe for detection. In this kit, a ready-to-use RT qPCR mixture containing 4X concentration of components required for RT qPCR in one tube. For reactions, simply add template RNA and a pair of primers resuspended in water. Also, amplified products are monitored in real time, so there is no need to verify them through electrophoresis after PCR. A reverse transcriptase included in this product is an improved version of M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase. It lacks RNaseH activity, and is highly heat stable. Therefore, this product is most suitable for efficiently synthesizing long cDNA by incubating reactions at elevated (50) temperature since high temperature helps removal of secondary structure present in long RNA transcripts. In addition, HOT Start PCR polymerase. included in this product is a derivative of Taq polymerase which is greatly improved in both fidelity and yield for polymerase chain reaction. Compared to other suppliers worldwide, this product can synthesize cDNA with much (approximately 100 fold) less amounts of total RNA. This become more prominent as cDNA to be synthesized is long.



- Single-tube convenience

- Well-suited to analysis of a large number of samples

- Excellent sensitivity

- Not Included ROX reference Dye



- Real-Time PCR

- Virus detection

- Single-cell RT PCR

- Gene-expression analysis

- cDNA library construction

- 3’and 5’ RACE, RT PCR



Stable up to 6 months at -20 (Storage at -20 is recommended). 


Figure 4-12. Detection of copy number for RNA virus.

The copy number of specific RNA viruses was detected with varying amount of purified virus RNA as a template using TOPreal™ One-step RT qPCR kit (TaqMan Probe) or two-step RT qPCR solution (TaqMan probe).

Red: TOPscript™ RT DryMIX + TOPreal™ qPCR 2X PreMIX (TaqMan Probe), Two-step

Blue: TOPreal™ One-step RT qPCR kit (TaqMan Probe)

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